Designer Profile

Dreams comes True .....

When Gracie was very little, She always like to play paper card Models, help the paper model to change clothes and design what to wear for sports, banquets, party, business .... And this is her dream to be a designer since very young.

The inspiration of her design are from drawing pictures and started it as leisure and found out got some talents. Then Gracie started to design some logos, metal plate in the beginning and all the design are self-learning.

Gracie spend lots of times to develop new patterns, handle shape, color matching, she is very sensitive in colour contrast and mixed & matched with different materials in handbag design, she always have some crazy ideas how to make handbags more 3 Dimensions, materials will changing color due to the temperature changed, changing pictures on bags when movement, not only a bag but with many components. She is still working on how to invent and combine the technology and ideas in the handbags design.